Order of the Secret Monitor

or Brotherhood of David and Jonathan

Provincial Grand Conclave of Sussex

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Cinque Ports Conclave No. 38

Consecrated: 1910

Meeting Dates

Meets in St. Leonards-on-Sea on
3rd Tuesday January
3rd Tuesday April
3rd Tuesday October (Installation)

Meeting Location

Masonic Hall
East Ascent
St Leonards-on-Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0DR


Wy.Bro. Ronald W. Collins
Tel: 01424 457877
Email: cinqueports38@live.co.uk

Officers at Inst 2015
Wy.Bro. Richard G.C. Thornton Supreme Ruler
Wy.Bro.John C. Fuller, OGR Counsellor
Wy.Bro. Alan C. Hobden Guide
V.Wy.Bro. Michael J. Conn, PGV Chaplain
Wy.Bro. Colin B. Cochran Treasurer
Wy.Bro. Ronald W. Collins Secretary
Wy.Bro. Keith Harding Director of Ceremonies
Wy.Bro. John E. (Jack) Barrett Benevolent Steward
Bro. Gary Bodle 1st V. Deacon
Bro. Colin R. Hartley 2nd V. Deacon
Bro. Christopher B. Potter 3rd V. Deacon
Bro. Graham K. Bisson 4th V. Deacon
Wy.Bro. Alan G. Borer Assistant Director of Ceremonies
V.Wy.Bro. Michael J. Conn, PGV Organist
Bro. John W. Hoyle Scroll Bearer
Bro. Michael K. Chesson Guarder
Bro. Andrew Knight Steward
Bro. Francis J. Young Steward
Wy.Bro. Ronald Guest Steward
Wy.Bro. Michael Chambers Sentinel
Wy.Bro. Noel Schofield IPSR


Short History of the CINQUE PORTS CONCLAVE No38

The Conclave was Consecrated on 26th October 1910, its Warrant having been issued on 19th August 1910. The Minutes of the Consecration meeting are: It having been considered desirable that a Conclave of Secret Monitor should be formed in Hastings. The following members of the Order, Monague Davis Brown, Arthur Carpenter and Rev. F.S.Paynter signed a Petition to the Grand Council, praying that a Conclave might be Consecrated to hold its meetings at the Castle Hotel, Hastings on the 3rd Wednesday in September, October and February.

The Petition having been favourably considered a Warrant was granted dated Nineteenth day of August One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ten and Wednesday the Twenty Sixth day of October was selected for the Consecration.

The brethren whose names are entered in the Attendance book having assembled, a Conclave was opened by Rt.Wy.Bro. Dr. Upton. P.G.Std Bearer as Supreme Ruler, Rt.Wy.Bro. H.Tippen as Counsellor, Rt.Wy.Bro. L.S.Beale as Guide and the following candidates were duly Inducted into the Order

Henry Charles Edwards

H.Ewbank Smith

James Simmonds

John James

Wright Edward Anson Mansel

Sidney Paul Potter



The Consecrating Officers accompanied by the Grand Officers then entered the Conclave and the ceremony of Consecration was very impressively performed by

Rt.Wy.Bro. Japhet Tickler assisted by:

Rt.Wy.Bro.C.I.R.Tijoro G.G. as Counsellor

Rt.Wy.Bro.Tippen P.G.V. as Guide

Rt.Wy.Bro.L.S.Beale P.G.Treasurer

Rt.Wy.Bro. S.Spratling

Recorded as Commissioning Officers:

Rt.Wy.Bro. M.Baker P.G.Std. Bearer

Rt.Wy.Bro. M.Davis-Brown P.G.C.

Rt.Wy.Bro. Dr.Upton P.G.Std.Bearer

Wy.Bro. A.Carpenter Bro. Rev. F.S.Paynter

The Grand Guide delivered an Oration and the Consecrating Officer Rt.Wy.Bro. Japhet Tickler P.G.S.R concluded with an address. The brethren below the rank of Supreme Ruler having retired, the ceremony of Installing and Commissioning was performed by the Grand Recorder Rt.Wy.Bro. S.Spratling and Bro. Arthur Carpenter was duly installed and commissioned as a S.R. in ancient form. A ballot was taken for the Treasurer which proved unanimously in favour of Bro. H.C.Edwards. The Supreme Ruler then invested the following as his Officers.

Bro. Rev.F.S.Paynt - Counsellor

Rt.Wy.Bro.M.Davis-Brown - Guide

Bro. J.Simmonds - Secretary

Bro. H.E.Smith - Steward

Bro. A.A.Mansell - 1st.Visiting Deacon

Bro. J.J.Wright - 2nd Visiting Deacon

Bro. S.P.Potter - 3rd Visiting Deacon

Bro. J.B.Guy - 4th Visiting Deacon

Bro. H.A. Stratford - Guarder

Bro.W.G.E.Cross - Sentinel

The Consecrating Officers were then elected as Honorary members of the Conclave and were presented with the Founder’s jewel as under: Japhet Tickler C.I.R.Tijoro H.Tippen L.S.Beale S.Spratling

The Consecrating Officers having retired the Supreme Ruler intimated his intention of nominating Rev.F.S.Paynter as a Grand Steward. The Supreme Ruler was unanimously elected Benevolent Steward

The Conclave was then closed in ancient form and solemn prayer

Signed Arthur Carpenter

20th January 1911

For many years the Conclave has met 3 times per year and also had an emergency meeting in July due to the number of candidates wishing to join this very special order of masonry.

On the 19th October 2010 the Conclave held it’s centenary meeting at the Masonic Hall, St Leonard’s on Sea.

This meeting was attended by the M.Wy Bro Michael W. Guest, The Grand Supreme Ruler, who was escorted by the Grand D.C., R.Wy Bro Roy Leavers,.

Also in attendance was a large number of Provincial Officers from across Sussex.

Over the years Cinque Ports Conclave has had many comments made about the very high standard of work carried out at their meetings. This has come from many of the Grand Visitors that have selected this Conclave to attend as part of their duties, as well as our own Provincial Grand Supreme Rules or their Deputy.

Cinque Ports Conclave has also produce many Provincial Grand Supreme Rulers and Deputies.

In May 2006 when The Sussex Province was split from the S.E. Counties, we were very fortunate to have our own Worthy Bro Vic Wisden to be appointed the first Provincial Grand Supreme of Sussex.

News and Events

Cinque Ports Conclave had a meeting on Tuesday 14th of August. At which R.Wy.Bro. Vic Wisden attended after his year of absence. We had the meeting on his birthday at which he was presented with a cake to celebrate. We asked Vic if he would be able to give the address to the candidates, which he did with his usual flair, and as our Chaplain could not attend he was also asked to cover this for us. We don't like to have him sitting round doing nothing. The Meeting and Festive Board was enjoyed by everyone present and we also gave him a card signed by all present.

Gerald Noel

The picture shows Vic Wisden blowing out the candles on his birthday cake.

Posted 16/08/12

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